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Selecting motorcycle for new players

Postby Marian43 » Fri Dec 22, 2017 4:34 am

The bike with styling pits, the engine roars, always brings strange appeal to many people. Owning a car like that always dreamed and goals of those who strive for fans of large cubic car line.
Select the appropriate truck line

The motorcycle segment in large blocks are divided into several categories with the different uses. There are 9 basic motor types: Jet is divided into several categories, each category has different uses. Currently, Jet is divided into the following basic categories are: dventure-bike; Cruiser-bike, off-road, dual-purpose, Electric-bike, Scooter, Sportbike, Standard and Touring-bike ...
Should buy cubic car too big?

Many people, especially those who play new motorcycles usually make the mistake is too high to engine capacity, the 600-1000cc remains the popular choice even though young drivers their experience enough to be able to control them. This is a very dangerous thing because if uncomfortable with this line, you will encounter many difficulties when the driver of a "beast" than just the right to balance the 140 kg, has an eye to the station, Kunlun, the number, the bends on the road ...
This is the experience I look forward to getting contributions from everyone
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