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Antenna for mobile wifi device ?

Postby Williamhawk » Thu Oct 12, 2017 1:21 am


I have a Huawei E5573 mobile wifi device and want to get a good antenna for it to boost the signal so i can stream tv from it . I dont know anything about antennas , so is a bigger dB antenna better ? there are some 11dB and 35dB . i am not far from the transmitter ( mast) only a few hundred meters , but there are some trees hampering the reception , if i go near the transmitter i can get 50mbs download but in house its down to 8 or 9 . i know i can stream on 8 or 9 mbs but because its wifi to my tv box , this weakens the signal again . so is a 35dB better than 11 or am i looking at it the wrong way ?

Please help.

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